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About Us

The name “Blue Magnet” was hewn from the color blue. Blue exudes warmth, trust, depth, tranquility, soothes the human body and mind, and produces a calm and warm effect. It is this same feeling that we were looking to provide to tourist and travelers visiting Nepal when we chose the name “Blue Magnet.” Blue Magnet is a line budget hotel in Pokhara that provides luxury relaxation service for tourist from all parts of the world.

In the past months, we have continued to provide warmth, comfort, and luxury for tourists at very affordable rates. Situated in Nepal by the lakeside, our environment is serene, calm and mythical. We give travelers a comfortable and peaceful place to relax and reflect on their journey.

We have three standard rooms facing the lakeside and mountains. Our rooms are spacious, comfortable and well equipped with all necessary amenities needed to make your every penny and stay worth the while. Our facilities and services are top notch and continue to keep Blue Magnet hotel ahead of other budget hotels in Pokhara. We are particular about giving tourists a luxurious but affordable lakeside experience, one that keeps them coming back to the mythical Pokhara.

When you arrive at Blue Magnet hotel, you will quickly notice our well coordinated and courteous staff members. From your vehicle, our staffs will help you with your luggage and show you to the reception where you pick a room in the most professional and welcoming manner. We will lead you to your desired room and make sure that you are comfortable. We will be with you throughout your stay to provide whatever you have at any time. We are welcoming to everyone around the world irrespective of race, color, and tribe. With many hotels in Nepal providing lodging services, we go the extra mile to see that our customers do not get just value but a memorable experience that make them look forward to revisiting Nepal. We provide excellent culinary services so customers can enjoy their favorite Nepalese food at any time.

At Blue Magnet hotel, the options for your relaxation are limitless. From the beautiful mountain view to the calmness of the lakeside, excellent staff service, 24/7 support and assistance, wi-fi and luxury rooms, we are confident that you would not want to leave. Our customers trust us to provide all their accommodation and relaxation needs in Nepal, and we want to share our warmth with you too. We are waiting and ready to give you comfort that is strictly in line with your budget.

Imagine the world without the blue color; it would be a world without warmth, without comfort. And warmth is what we stand for; it is who we are. Blue Magnet!

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